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   Difference between XC2 'EZ' vs XC2 'Pro'

XC2-EZ (Free) Information:
Free? Oh Come On! Give me a break. Nothing is for Free!
Important Note:    See System Requirements Below
Look again, my friends.
Are you just starting your backflow prevention management program?
Do you only need a very simple and really user friendly backflow software program?
Do you need something more than just a spread-sheet type tracking system?
  • Is it REALLY FREE?
  •     "FREE" as in:
        No Dinero
        Pas de Frais
  • Check this out! :
If you need backflow prevention management software that:
  • Is Simple - Easy to Use, ie. Is Very User Friendly
  • Has Basic Functions:
    • Tracks your Backflow Preventers and Sites
    • Sends an Annual Notice to Customers
    • Allows Entry of Backflow Test Results
    • Print Backflow Test Reports
    • Maintain Unlimited Test History
    • Tracks Tester Certifications
    • Enter Simple Cross-Connection Surveys
    • Ability to Quickly Search by Multiple Criteria
  • Does Not Have a Bunch of Bells and Whistles
  • Is Easy to Install
  • Is Upgradeable to the full version of XC2 at any time
  • Is VERY Economical (It doesn't get much better than this, folks!)
Bingo! We have just the ticket! XC2-EZ
XC2-EZ Backflow Software is a much simpler version of the industrial strength "XC2 Pro Software"
And we are making it available absolutely FREE!
This is a limited time offer, so listen up!

Right now, for a limited time, we are offering XC2-EZ, a robust backflow prevention management software program that is absolutely free!
XC2-EZ is not "share-ware".
XC2-EZ is a fully licensed product.
You only have to let us know that you are interested in receiving it, and we will make it available for download.
We probably won't be offering this forever, but it's available now!
Ability to import your existing backflow customers and assembly information!
You will need to create an EXCEL spreadsheet with the following information:
(Sorry, no variations on this import setup are available in the "free" version)
  • Customer Name
  • Address City
  • State/Prov
  • Postal Code
  • Phone
  • Device Serial Number
  • Device Size
  • Device Type
  • Device Mfr
  • Device Model
  • Device Location
  • Last Test Date
  • Next Test Date
Yeah, maybe so. But is it REALLY FREE?
  • No, it doesn't "Time Out"!
  • You can track up to 10,000 Backflow Records !
  • Unlimited Test Results History (Really!)
  • No, we won't be giving or selling your information to anyone else!
  • No, we won't be calling you to try and sell you something else, really!
  • Yes, we know what we are doing.
    • We've been providing full featured backflow software for over 20 years.
    • We have over 700 installations and thousands of users for our flagship XC2-Pro
  • It even comes with 30 days of Toll-Free user support (Yes, that's free also).
How about you see a little more of what we are offering?
Click Here: XC2-EZ Product Info

System Requirements
Requires Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
Minimum Screen Resolution: 1280x800

(If you want to know more about our FULL-FEATURED professsional backflow software)
Backflow Prevention Management Software
Full-Featured, Proven, Professional

Just give us a call:
Toll-Free:     800.761.4999
Or go to the contact page and fill out the contact form:

Contact Us/Order Form

We need to collect a little bit of information from you so we can send you a "Fully Licensed" copy of XC2-EZ Backflow Software.

We will then provide a download link so you can check it out yourself. For Free, No Obligation, No Tricks, Really!

And, no. We won't try to sell you something else, (unless you ask for it).
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